Who can start a mail campaign on Voices?

Anyone in the general public can start a campaign. Since our campaigns are mail campaigns, the recipients must be located in the United States.

Why should I start a mail campaign instead of an online petition?

You can do both. There are wonderful, established online petition sites that help amplify causes. We chose mail as our method for helping the public raise awareness because throughout history, handwritten letters, telegrams, and postcards have been a longstanding vessel to convey concerns, show dissent and offer support.

What is the process to start a campaign.

It's easy, complete this form and provide the campaign details. A campaign specialist will contact you to confirm the information. The campaign will be LIVE on the website shortly after the initial conference call.

Is there a fee required to start a campaign?

It's free to start a campaign. However, the supporters will pay for the postcards to be mailed. Unlike an online petition, we are actually mailing a physical postcard to the recipients designated in the campaign. So, if you support a campaign that has 4 recipients, each person received a signed postcard from the supporter.

Do you donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Yes, we do. A portion of the proceeds from all campaigns goes back to the charity specified by the campaign leader. So, its important for the supporters to select the charity from the list, after signing the postcard. If the campaign leader does not have a particular charity that they want to support, the donation is distributed evenly across all of the charities listed on our website.