How it works

Voices uses the power of postal mail to help you take action by mailing postcards to a list of targets that can impact your cause or concern.


Create a Campaign
1. Complete the "Start a Campaign" form.
2. Provide the title and campaign details.
3. Include the list of targets to be mailed.
4. Upload the postcard design (front)
5. Provide the prewritten text for the postcard (back)
6. Upon verification, your campaign will go LIVE

Support a Campaign
1. Find a campaign to support
2. Sign the postcard.
3. Confirm your signature.
4. Designate a charity (a portion of all proceeds are donated to a non-profit).
5. Provide your return address at checkout
6. Pay for the mailing.
7. Your postcards will be queued for printing and will be mailed the following business day.